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Winter Weather Damages FM Transmitter and Antenna

In mid-November, as Western Alaska transitioned from fall to winter with the thermometer ping-ponging above and below freezing, the KNOM FM transmitter’s signal strength dropped precipitously. The cycle of freeze-thaw combined with snow, freezing rain and wind wreaks havoc on the 30 year old antenna. (As regular readers may recall, the AM transmitter was replaced […]

“Dear Friend…” (July 2020)

What is the difference between change and transformation? Change focuses on the past and reacts in the short-term. Change wishes things were better. Change is transactional – it replaces one thing with another. Transformation, on the other hand, is a deliberate choice based on foundational values. It creates consensus, trust and a safe place for […]

“Dear Friend…” (June 2020)

Western Alaskans live abundantly. God provides what is needed and it is up to us to stretch those provisions. In a remote location, the sea, rivers and countryside provide plenty of sustenance, teachable moments, healthy activity, and a chance to share. Spring and summer in bush Alaska is a time to gather food and build […]

“Dear Friend…” (May 2020)

Health care workers separated from family to limit exposure, quarantined travelers, face masks, and closed businesses are clear examples of how the pandemic requires sacrifice. The world has surrendered personal contact, liberties, independence, financial security and ready access to resources to protect what’s most precious: life, especially the most vulnerable. As we adapt, make do, […]

A Note on the CARES Act

Photo credit: 401(K) 2012 for 401kcalculator.org via Flickr Creative Commons.

The recent federal stimulus package provides special above-the-line tax incentives for 2020 charitable cash gifts, separate from the standard deduction. Please ask your tax advisor if and how much of your gifts to KNOM qualify under the new rules for the 2020 tax year.

“Dear Friend…” (April 2020)

Subsistence satisfies much more than just immediate hunger. It requires commitment, community, time, and respect. Hunting and gathering food teaches values like hard work, nutrition, sharing, stewardship, and patience. Christ’s Eucharistic sacrifice gathers His followers, fosters faith, and demonstrates the depth of love required to feed the family of God. There is no “fast food” […]

Dear Friend of KNOM… (March 2020)

In small rural Alaskan communities the fruits of good labors are easy to see. The scale of service requires greater individual input, because there aren’t many hands to make the work light. However, with great input comes great output. Just a few people with a common purpose can become a lightning rod for the power […]

‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (February 2020)

Patience, endurance, and resiliency are typical attributes of Western Alaskans. 2019 ended with some of the mildest weather on record. 2020, on the other hand, blew in with temperatures far below zero and wind chills reaching -70 degrees. The lack of insulating snow compounded buildings’ vulnerability to freezing. Through all these challenges, folks adapt, bundle […]

‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (January 2020)

Make it count. As a new decade begins, there’s much talk in Alaska about the national census, which determines government funding and political representation. 2020 years ago, the census was so important that Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem to be counted, adding Jesus to their Holy Family. In Western Alaska, being counted is certainly […]

‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (End-of Year 2019)

When KNOM first signed on the air in 1971, the staff was all volunteer. The station was a proving ground for young broadcasters and future church leaders. Listeners were very forgiving as volunteers not only learned their craft, but also adjusted to the life and culture of the rural Arctic. Today, the radio staff is […]