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DAILY LIFE IN WESTERN ALASKA is shaped by the weather like few places on Earth.

We strive to provide listeners the most recent information available from the National Weather Service.

Regional Weather

Regional weather forecasts air in the following hours:
  • Morning: 7am (weekdays only), 8am9am
  • Afternoon/evening: 12noon5pm9pm
  • Overnight: every hour, 12 midnight through 6am
Little Sisters insignia, St. Joseph Catholic Church
Alaska Native dance ensemble, mid-performance, next to a window overlooking Nome, Alaska.

Weather Alerts

If the National Weather Service anticipates an exceptional weather condition – such as a blizzard, high winds, or flooding – we’ll tell you all the relevant information in our weather forecasts. Listen for warnings, watches, and advisories, and listen especially for any special actions or precautions that the National Weather Service may recommend (such as to seek higher ground or to secure boats in the event of flooding or high seas).

Marine Weather

KNOM also features daily marine weather forecasts, which cover weather conditions for the seas and sea coasts of Western Alaska. It airs on KNOM at these hours: Monday through Friday:
  • 7/8/9am, 12noon, 5/9pm (before the regional weather forecast)
Saturday and Sunday:
  • 9:02am (immediately after CNN News)
  • 12noon and 5/9pm (before the regional weather forecast)
Group of people smiling and laughing inside Nome hospital as woman holds large scissors up to gold-colored ribbon.
Marjorie Tahbone in KNOM's Studio A

Sea Ice Forecast

When seasonally appropriate, KNOM also broadcasts information on the coverage area and thickness of ocean and near-shore ice in Western Alaska. These forecasts air immediately after marine weather: in the 9am, 12noon, and 5pm hours on weekdays (Monday-Friday) and 12noon and 5pm on weekends (Saturday-Sunday).
Weather forecasts are always organized into 8 different regional zones; listen for the zone that corresponds to your village or destination: The Kuskokwim Delta:
  • Bethel, Hooper Bay, and Nunivak Island
The Yukon Delta:
  • Emmonak, Mountain Village, Alakanuk, Kotlik, Pilot Station, St. Mary’s, Scammon Bay, Nunam Iqua, and Pitkas Point
The Lower Yukon Valley:
  • Marshall, Russian Mission, Holy Cross, Grayling, Shageluk, Anvik, and Flat
St. Lawrence Island and the Bering Strait Coast:
  • Gambell, Savoonga, Brevig Mission, Teller, Wales, and Diomede

The Chukchi Sea Coast: Point Hope, Shishmaref, Kivalina, and Espenberg The Northern and Interior Seward Peninsula: Buckland, Deering, Candle, Council, Haycock, Pilgrim Springs, Serpentine Hot Springs, and Taylor The Eastern Norton Sound and Nulato Hills: Unalakleet, Stebbins, St. Michael, Elim, Koyuk, and Shaktoolik The Southern Seward Peninsula Coast: Nome, White Mountain, and Golovin.

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Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that KNOM Radio Mission is located on the customary lands of Indigenous peoples. 

Based in the Bering Strait region, KNOM broadcasts throughout the homelands of the Iñupiaq, Siberian Yup’ik, Cup’ik and Yup’ik peoples.