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“Dear Friend…” (July 2020)

What is the difference between change and transformation? Change focuses on the past and reacts in the short-term. Change wishes things were better. Change is transactional – it replaces one thing with another. Transformation, on the other hand, is a deliberate choice based on foundational values. It creates consensus, trust and a safe place for […]

Elder Keeps Art Tradition Alive in New Curriculum

A new curriculum, created on St. Lawrence Island, reintroduces traditional Siberian Yupik skin sewing to Alaska schools. Lydia Apatiki was born and raised on the island. She grew up watching her mother and aunt scrub walrus skins for umiaks (traditional boats) and labor over intricate bird skin parkas. Bird skin parkas, or atkuks, were traditionally […]

Celebrations On The Air

High school graduates in Nome had a very different graduation ceremony this year. Students paraded through town wearing caps and gowns, in creatively decorated vehicles of various types. On the car radio, KNOM’s live coverage of the parade provided both a musical soundtrack and a live call-in show sharing congratulatory messages from teachers, family, and […]

Messages of Faith

Bishop Chad Zielinski recently shared a message and prayer for peace and justice with parishes across the Diocese of Fairbanks. The message and prayer were read on the air to coincide with memorials around the country. Listeners are invited daily to pause for reflection and prayer four times a day: starting at midnight with an […]

From the GM’s Desk… (July 2020)

“Transformation begins within ourselves, recognizing that every human being is made in the image and likeness of God. KNOM’s mission remains steadfast in honoring the dignity of every human person. KNOM values being a friend and companion, serving respectfully, and honoring our Catholic ideals in the programming we air and in the daily actions of […]