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Local Bird gets Raven Reviews

Since last summer, a lone white raven has entertained scores of birdwatchers, photographers, and the Alaskan public, not to mention his 25,000 Facebook followers. He enjoys playing tricks with his fans and is often seen dumpster diving for munchies.

Biologists say the white raven is truly an uncommon creature. It’s not albino, but leucistic, as evidenced by its sky-blue eyes and white feathers.

Some view the white raven as a harbinger of a significant winter ahead. As record snowfall and deep cold weather followed his arrival, some attributed Alaska’s challenging winter conditions to his presence.

Many Alaska Native cultures regard the white raven as a mystical being, a guardian or messenger, or imbue it with meaning like spirituality and transformation, harmony and balance, connection to ancestral wisdom, renewal and hope. Its symbolism reflects the deep connection between humans and the natural world, inviting contemplation and reflection on the mysteries of life.

Image at top: Anchorage’s iconic white raven seen in Anchorage. Photo courtesy of Tim Doner Photography, used with permission.

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