“Dear Friend…” (June 2020)

Western Alaskans live abundantly. God provides what is needed and it is up to us to stretch those provisions. In a remote location, the sea, rivers and countryside provide plenty of sustenance, teachable moments, healthy activity, and a chance to share.

Spring and summer in bush Alaska is a time to gather food and build strong relationships. The abundance of this time sustains life through winter. God provides, and we do the work. Anything less means we live in scarcity – not as God intends.

The Eucharist is living proof of God’s abundant love. Matthew’s Gospel recounts how Jesus used five barley loaves and two fish to feed thousands. This example shows our meager offering is more than enough when offered for God’s blessing. Our offering x God’s grace = abundance!

Thank you for being a conduit of God’s abundant love for Western Alaska!