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Elder Voices: Agnes Amarok

Golovin, AK

In an episode from the “Elder Voices” archives, Agnes shares stories of subsistence, growing up at camp, and spending time with her grandmother outside Golovin.

Elder Voices: Abraham Anasogak, Sr.

In a 2011 interview, Koyuk’s Abraham Anasogak, Sr., remembers his time in the National Guard and his work as a bilingual teacher’s aide. He shares his memories of living a subsistence lifestyle: of hunting, fishing, and running a dog team since his youth.

Elder Voices: Stanton Katchatag

A view of Unalakleet from a nearby mountaintop. (Photo: Maddie Winchester, KNOM)

Stanton Katchatag of Unalakleet shares memories and reflections on his life in a 2002 episode of “Elder Voices.” “Life is a learning process,” Stanton says.

Elder Voices: Walter Toolie

Savoonga whale catch, 2016

Walter Toolie moved to Savoonga as a boy; he learned the language and absorbed the culture of St. Lawrence Island and remained a part of its community throughout his life.

Elder Voices: Mike Williams, Sr.

Hear Mike Williams, Sr., from his interview with Elder Voices from the KNOM archive: “We need to speak up… and do what is right for the generations that are coming.”

Elder Voices: Peter Jacobs

Aerial view of Bethel, Alaska

Join Peter Jacobs for a special interview for Elder Voices spoken completely in Yup’ik, recorded just after he was awarded Elder of the Year in 2008 at the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention.

Elder Voices: Winnie James, Sr.

On this week’s Elder Voices, hear Gambell’s Winnie James, Jr. in an encore airing of our interview in 2002. Tune in Wednesday at 11am and 6pm.

Elder Voices: Maggie Olson

Houses on the Hillside in Golovin

Maggie shares stories of gathering berries and greens with her grandmother and memories of subsistence: seining for fish, gathering tom cod, and whaling for beluga.