Suwat: Land Management Services

Fort Davis

Francine Hopson joined Danielle Slingsby for Suwat on Dec. 28 to discuss Kawerak Land Management Services. The department helps native land allotment owners protect and manage their land by offering assistance with veteran land allotment applications, land advertisements, lease agreements, wills, and a disaster-relief grant.

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Suwat: Village transportation project updates

In this episode of Suwat, Kawerak Transportation Director Sean McKnight shared updates on current road, harbor, and trail marking projects. Host Danielle Slingsby and McKnight discussed the great collaboration effort involved in regional construction.

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Suwat: Giving Thanks

In this Thanksgiving episode of Suwat, Danielle Slingsby celebrates being grateful by reading a folk tale from The Seal Oil Lamp by Dale De Armond. Listen to the full program below.

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Suwat: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Alaska Native dance ensemble, mid-performance, next to a window overlooking Nome, Alaska.

In this episode, Danielle Slingsby and guests talk about local events celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Listen to the full episode below. Image at top: The King Island Dancers performing in celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2018. Photo by Emily Hofstaedter, KNOM (2018).

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Suwat: Storm recovery

Danielle Slingsby and guests follow up on the previous episode about storm impacts with news on response, recovery and preparation. Listen to the full episode below. Image at the top: Nome during Typhoon Merbok. Photo by Scotty Campbell.

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Suwat: Disaster Response

With Typhoon Merbok hitting Western Alaska over the weekend of Sept. 17, Danielle Slingsby speaks with fellow Kawerak staff Melanie Bahnke, Darlene Trigg, Cheri McConnell and Kevin Knowlton about what was lost, taking care of the land, and taking care of each other moving forward.

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