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Suwat: Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority

On May 10, staff from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority joined Suwat hosts Danielle Slingsby of Kawerak and Reba Lean of Norton Sound Health Corporation. Kelda Barstad and Jimael Johnson, program officers, spoke about what the Trust does and how they are assisting the Norton Sound region in providing early childhood services and interventions. […]

Suwat: Engineering Ministries International

Honey buckets are currently used in Teller. Mayor Blanche Okboak-Garnie attended the WIHAH conference in Anchorage and spoke about Teller's water & sewer problem. Photo Credit: watersewer.alaska.gov (2016)

On April 12, Travis Hogans, Judith Bruno, and Jason Chandler share about Engineering Ministries International. EMI serves communities with design and construction under a Christian mission. They landed in the Bering Strait Region to help with needs for reliability and sustainability in development, such as for water and sewer.

Suwat: Pilgrim Hotsprings

On April 5, Amanda Toerdal shared an update on the history of Pilgrim Hotsprings, gathering a cultural advisory committee, visiting opportunities in June-September, and more.

Suwat: Audiology

The Liitfik Wellness and Treatment Center will eventually live in a new, two-story building across the street from the Norton Sound Regional Hospital (pictured), according to NSHC President Angie Gorn. Photo: Laura Kraegel, KNOM.

On March 22, Dr. Ashley Earp shared updates from the audiology department at NSHC, including new research on correlations between a lack of running water and ear infections and updating screening protocols for accuracy.

Suwat: Child Abuse Prevention Month

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On March 29, host Danielle Slingsby discussed the work of Kawerak’s Child Advocacy Center, community events, and resources for prevention and healing with guests Jennifer Dean Johnson and Wanja Kinuthia.

Suwat: Summer jobs for youth

A tundra landscape in summer in rural Alaska

In this episode of Suwat with NSHC, hosts Danielle Slingsby and Reba Lean talk with NSEDC’s Irvin Barnes about internships and summer job opportunities for youth.

Suwat: Infant health


On Feb. 8, NSHC staff Hilary Fello and Reba Lean discuss health resources for pregnancy and babies. WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is a federal, income-based program that provides financial assistance for staple foods, breast-feeding support, and family nutrition support.

Suwat: Norton Sound health

4 women in radio studio

Kawerak partnered with Norton Sound Health Corporation to share what’s happening with Norton Sound health. On Jan. 25, NSHC CAMP department staff Tracy Gregg, Nicole Mertz and Reba Lean joined Danielle Slingsby to talk about fitness classes.