Suwat: Audiology

The Liitfik Wellness and Treatment Center will eventually live in a new, two-story building across the street from the Norton Sound Regional Hospital (pictured), according to NSHC President Angie Gorn. Photo: Laura Kraegel, KNOM.

On March 22, Dr. Ashley Earp shared updates from the audiology department at NSHC, including new research on correlations between a lack of running water and ear infections and updating screening protocols for accuracy.

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Image at top: The Norton Sound Regional Hospital. Photo by Laura Kraegel, KNOM (2015).

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  1. Leslie Earp on April 6, 2023 at 6:47 pm

    I very much enjoyed this radio program. It was fun to listen to the interaction between the three of you. You were interviewing my beautiful daughter Dr. Ashley Earp. She is knowledgeable and well spoken and it was good to hear her voice from so far away. She loves her work in Alaska, and loves her patients there. Thank you for having her on your program.