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Nic Petit Is First to the Yukon

Musher in green jacket kneels next to resting sled dog team at nighttime

Nic Petit was the first musher to reach the Yukon River, arriving in Anvik at 4:23 a.m. Friday morning. It earned him $3,000 and a meal prepared by chefs flown in from an Anchorage hotel.

Iditarod 2019, Day 6: Lead Mushers Finish Their 24’s

As Iditarod’s frontrunners finish their mandatory, 24-hour layovers, the mathematics of the leaderboard begin to simplify, and leaders begin to emerge. Explore highlights of KNOM’s Iditarod coverage from Thursday, March 7.

As 24’s End, Iditarod Leaders Emerge

A string of sled dogs stand on the snowy ground

Aliy Zirkle is the first Iditarod musher to drive her team into Iditarod, the halfway point of the race, where she is now taking her mandatory, 24-hour rest. But some of the other front runners in the race have completed their 24 and are pulling ahead.

Iditarod 2019, Day 5: Deciding on Where to ‘24’

As of 6:30pm Wednesday, the vast majority of mushers in Iditarod 2019 are resting in a checkpoint. Many of them are taking their mandatory, 24-hour layovers. The strategy and rationale of when and where a musher takes a “24” is complicated and often personal. Explore highlights from KNOM’s Iditarod coverage on Wednesday, March 6.