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‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (December 2019)

“Babies bring blessings.” The beautiful chaos that ensues with the birth of a new babe bears witness to the grace of God infiltrating family. Grace and love not only grows, it multiplies. Jesus came to this world through family. He experienced the messiness and delight of everyday life while creating a conduit for humanity to […]

‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (November 2019)

“Thank you for your service,” is commonly used today to recognize the sacrifice of our nation’s troops. It acknowledges the commitment to serve, often unconditionally and at great personal cost to a greater good. Their sacrifice is made worthy with a larger long term view. KNOM recognizes this service in a spot series and features […]

‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (October 2019)

Every Western Alaskan has an example of Divine Intervention. The longer the rural life, the more frequent the stories. These are times when there is no other reasonable explanation than God’s grace for an unexpected blessing, survival from peril, or delivery from fear or trials. Rural Alaskans live a simple life, where the only things […]

‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (July 2019)

“KNOM celebrates 48 years of broadcasting this month. But the mission didn’t start with its first broadcast.” Read the introduction to KNOM’s July 2019 newsletter.

Awarding Art

Jerome Saclamana is one of several local artists who have been awarded grants from the Rasmuson Foundation to cultivate their crafts.

‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (May 2019)

Western Alaska is a land of extremes: winter’s darkness and summer’s midnight sun, the Bering Sea, vast stretches of treeless tundra, thriving communities and roadless infrastructure.

Studios, Doubly Blessed

Man sprinkles holy water on room within radio broadcast studios

First, Bishop Chad Zielinski of the Diocese of Fairbanks blessed the KNOM studios during a recent visit to Nome. The second blessing was a reduction in utilities.