‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (December 2019)

“Babies bring blessings.” The beautiful chaos that ensues with the birth of a new babe bears witness to the grace of God infiltrating family. Grace and love not only grows, it multiplies.

Jesus came to this world through family. He experienced the messiness and delight of everyday life while creating a conduit for humanity to touch God. Family is where the corporal virtues of faith, hope and charity grow, and the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, temperance, and courage are learned and practiced through daily tasks and challenges.

In Western Alaska, commercialism can’t survive everyday struggles. Christmas joy is expressed in simplicity and focused on the glory of God incarnate. The remoteness of KNOM’s listeners prevents distractions from the truth and love of Christ’s coming. What a blessing!

Thank you for helping to proclaim the good news of Christ’s birth to Western Alaska!