Studios, Doubly Blessed

Man sprinkles holy water on room within radio broadcast studios

First, Bishop Chad Zielinski of the Diocese of Fairbanks blessed the KNOM studios during a recent visit to Nome.

The second blessing was a reduction in utilities. KNOM’s digital studio expansion, which was finalized in 2017, added 1,450 square feet of space to the mission’s Nome broadcast center. However, the combination of super-insulation and an efficient furnace actually decreased the fuel consumption! An annual average of 75 fewer gallons, at $5.16/gallon, saves $381.84. What’s more, motion-detected LED lighting and solid-state equipment also cut electricity usage for the Nome studios by a whopping 9,447 kWh per year! At 34.1 cents per kWh, that’s $3,221.43 saved.

Image above: Bishop Chad blesses KNOM studios with holy water during his visit in February. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus, KNOM.