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Shishmaref Endures Harsh Winter with Limited Fuel Supplies

The remote village of Shishmaref is facing a fuel shortage due to unforeseen legal and logistical complications, impacting essential services and the daily lives of its residents. The crisis began in August of 2022 following the sudden death of a manager of a local privately owned general store. This froze access to ordering critical supplies […]

Cultural Celebration Meets Education at Shishmaref’s Inupiaq Days

Adrian Pleasant and Shishmaref School Science Teacher Ken Stenek exchange words at halftime of a semifinal game at the Spring Carnival. Ben Townsend photo. The subtle squeak of sneakers and persistent percussion of bouncing basketballs permeate the halls of Shishmaref School as snowmachines from all over town- and region- lay idle in drifts of snow […]

Seabirds Washing Up Dead; Scientists Investigating

A dead murre lies on the sand where it washed ashore in Nome in June 2018.

For the second year in a row, dead seabirds are washing up on beaches throughout the region by the hundreds. The birds appear to be starving, but scientists say the story is more complicated and could be connected to warming seas.

Regional Projects Slated to Receive Funding from Capital Budget, Including Nome’s Deep Draft Port

Nome port

According to the breakdown of projects funded by the new budget, $1.6 million is intended to support the design of an Arctic Deep Draft Port in Nome. The 2018 Capital Budget also awarded Wales $650,000 and almost $100,000 to Koyuk for water system heat recovery projects. Another significant monetary award designated for Western Alaska was given to Mountain Village, so the community can benefit from St. Mary’s wind energy project.