In Three Days, Three Rescues for Missing Snowmachiners


More than a few Western Alaskans had to be rescued last week after they were stranded throughout the Seward Peninsula with snowmachines. All three search and rescue attempts were successful and no casualties were reported.

Early Thursday morning around 4am, Aniak-based State Troopers were informed of two missing snowmachiners who were traveling from Mountain Village to Chevak. According to Troopers, at approximately 12:30, the two individuals were located northeast of Chevak, walking along the river about 35 miles away from the community. Both travelers were brought back to Chevak safely.

Saturday evening, just before 6pm, Troopers received a report of an overdue snowmachiner outside of Shishmaref. According to Troopers, Brian Crockett of Brevig Mission had to be rescued by volunteers from Shishmaref after his snowmachine broke down. Crockett was found about 30 miles away from the community and transported safely back to Shishmaref.

Then Sunday morning after 9am, the Northwest Arctic Borough Search and Rescue Coordinator informed Troopers that two people were overdue. According to Troopers, both individuals were on a fishing trip outside of Buckland. By 12:40pm the missing travelers were found in good health, and no injuries were reported.

Image at top: file photo, public domain, via Pixabay.