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Graphite One Community Meeting: Economic Promise Meets Environmental Worry

Mike Schaffner, Senior Vice President of Mining for Graphite One, responds to a question from a community member. Ben Townsend photo. Nome resident and Nome-Beltz Science Teacher, Sarah Liben, asks a question during the Q&A. Ben Townsend photo. Ed Fogels, the project’s Permitting Manager, addresses a question. Ben Townsend photo. Boogles Johnson live streamed the […]

Kids Care for Community

Woman, standing, addresses classroom of elementary school students, their teacher, and a park ranger, all seated.

“How do we take care of others?” asks the voice of a child in a radio spot airing this summer on KNOM. It’s part of a new series in which “radio rangers” explore how to be responsible members of one’s community.

Kotlik Catalyst

Black and white photo of elderly woman inside her home.

Students in Kotlik, Alaska, have recently made a special connection with an elder in their village, building a relationship that may grow into a community-wide program of outreach and support. The spark was a friendly KNOM listener who told her life story on our airwaves.

Wisdom from Alaska Elders

Community elder Betty Segock in her home in Elim, Alaska.

Episodes of KNOM’s “Elder Voices” have been recorded and produced to preserve the stories of Western Alaska’s cherished community members. These stories mean so much, and they’re made possible thanks to you.

Thanks, Mina!

Lauren, Karen, Margaret, and Laura, wearing homemade kuspuks inside KNOM studios.

Recently, a Nome listener sent KNOM’s female staffers a wonderful surprise: homemade kuspuks.

A Joyful Moment for Savoonga

Savoonga's Brianne Gologergen during the great work and festivity of her community's second whale catch of 2016. Photo courtesy of Brianne Gologergen.

One of KNOM’s most popular recent stories concerns Savoonga, a community in our region that recently caught its second whale of the season.

Cheer, Even Amid Challenge

2015 KNOM volunteers turn on the Christmas star

Our 2015-16 volunteers, like so many of their predecessors, are embracing a tradition of selfless service during the holidays, banding together with each other — and with our communities — as they spend the holidays away from their hometowns and family.