Elim Man Who Escaped Holding Facility Surrenders to Alaska State Troopers

A landscape of an Alaska village in late evening.

Alaska State Troopers say a 34-year-old Elim man who escaped from the Elim Holding Facility on Sunday has negotiated his surrender, and the incident is expected be resolved peacefully.

According to Troopers, Kyle Jemewouk was being arraigned Sunday over the phone for a domestic violence assault that reportedly occurred on Saturday, October 6, when he took off.

Law enforcement found that the suspect first locked himself in his house on Sunday, armed with a sword and knife. The following day, AST attempted to arrest Jemewouk outside the Elim Clinic, but he evaded them by way of truck, ATV, and boat. According to a community member, Elim was on lockdown on Monday while the armed man was on the loose.

By Tuesday, Jemewouk had barricaded himself in his home again. It was then that Alaska State Troopers negotiated his surrender. Community members were able to resume normal activities, and Elim Aniguiin School was in regular session Wednesday.

According to AST, the investigation is ongoing. KNOM will report updates as we receive them.

Image at top: Elim, Alaska, circa 1993. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, shared via Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0).