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Learning Iñupiaq on the airwaves

In a new effort to revitalize their Alaska Native language skills, a group of women are using every tool available to them. After starting with PSAs, lessons and practice sessions, the Iñupiaq Language Group now also use radio spots to learn and teach Iñupiaq.

Get Out the Native Vote

“We have the same voting rights. Our one vote count has the same power as a six-figure executive in Anchorage. If we could all harness the power of our one vote, it is a great equalizer,” Michelle Spark said.

Western Alaskans speak out about bycatch issue

In recent years, the salmon count in Western Alaska has changed a great deal. This summer and last, there was no subsistence fishery on the Yukon river. Locals have spoken out about the decimation of a primary traditional food source. At the same time, Bristol Bay has seen record numbers of sockeye salmon runs for […]

Air meter installed at KNOM as record smoke reaches Nome

Nomeites were left scratching their heads this summer, as they — and a vast swath of the Norton Sound region — woke up to a town blanketed in smoke. But, there was no known fire anywhere even close. “It’s like you’re in a wood stove, that’s what this was like,” said climatologist Rick Thoman, who […]

Anchorage studio operational

After nearly a year of equipment research, and many weekend and evenings hours, KNOM’s new studio in Anchorage is now operational! The project is a direct result of generous earmarked contributions from people all across the country. We cannot say a “thank you” big enough. One story stands out. Just as the required technical specifications […]

Dear Friend… (September 2022)

During times of change or difficulty, it is important to speak up, listen, and participate in building a strong community. In Scripture we read the story of Esther. She was called upon by God to speak and act on behalf of her people at a critical time. Because of her courage, God’s people survived. Alaskans […]