Learning Iñupiaq on the airwaves

In a new effort to revitalize their Alaska Native language skills, a group of women are using every tool available to them. After starting with PSAs, lessons and practice sessions, the Iñupiaq Language Group now also use radio spots to learn and teach Iñupiaq.

In a series called Sumikkiaq qaniqłiuqpat?, or “What will they talk about?” in English, members wrote and voiced discussions aligned with Iñupiaq values. Many of the spots have a common theme of respecting and caring for the land, yourself, and one another.

Images at the top: Thanks to a team of local women, a new series of spots in Iñupiaq is airing. From left to right are Josie Bourdon, Gail Smithisler, Barb Amarok and Anna Ashenfelter. Images courtesy of KNOM, Gail Smithisler, Sean Milligan and Anna Ashenfelter. Used with permission.