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‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (December 2019)

“Babies bring blessings.” The beautiful chaos that ensues with the birth of a new babe bears witness to the grace of God infiltrating family. Grace and love not only grows, it multiplies. Jesus came to this world through family. He experienced the messiness and delight of everyday life while creating a conduit for humanity to […]

Native Fashion on Parade

A photo of a mother and daughter wearing qaspeqs.

Mother and daughter, Gwendalyn Trigg-Komakhuk and Kangisaq Payne Trigg, show off their ‘qaspeqs’ (also spelled as ‘kuspuk’). They are long hooded handmade shirts with pockets, at an indigenous fashion show and baby pageant held to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day at the Norton Sound Health Corporation (NSHC). Kangisaq won second place in the 1 to 3-year-old […]

Christmas on the Airwaves

A close-up picture of the Nativity set at St. Joseph Church in Nome.

One of KNOM’s most long-standing traditions is the annual Christmas Play. Decades ago, it was an opportunity for each of KNOM’s volunteer support nurses and doctors who weren’t usually on the airwaves to share in some radio fun. In recent years, the annual project has evolved to include as many voices from the greater community […]

‘Name That Tune’ Returns

A photo of Andrew McDonnell and Tom Busch in the studio.

‘Name That Tune’ is a half-hour long radio show featuring Alaska Native music. Listeners are encouraged to call with any information they may have about the recording. Where did it originate? Who composed it? How do you pronounce the name of the song? What story does it tell? Over the years, many of KNOM’s recordings […]

Nome Girls’ Game Gives Back

Nome's high school girls' volleyball team.

Nome Beltz High School’s volleyball team raised funds for breast cancer awareness at the annual Arctic Pinkies Volleyball Tournament. “In the background we were selling pink volleyballs and the money that we made would be donated towards the Arctic Pinkies organization. We ended up writing a $500 check to the Arctic Pinkies,” said Nome-Beltz volleyball […]

Some End-of-Year Notes For Your Taxes (and IRAs)

A pre-tax donation made directly to a charity like KNOM from an IRA or other retirement plan can count toward the annual Required Minimum Distribution for folks 70 1/2 years old or older. This direct transfer to a charity is called a “Qualified Charitable Distribution”. This option could help reduce taxable income. With strong performance […]

Small Businesses Awarded

A picture of smoked salmon hanging in a rural Alaska smokehouse.

“In this region we have some tremendous smoked salmon, great producers of it, but none of it is available retail”, said Jessica Farley, owner of Noxapaga Inn and Smokehouse and a recipient of a small business grant. She said her business processing smoked seafood from the Bering Sea could begin next summer. Farley, and two […]

Elders & Youth Talking Circle Brings Discussion of Men’s Role in Preventing Violence

A photo of an art piece, a qaspeq with painted faces of women, hung at 2019 Alaska Federation of Natives.

The circle started with only twenty chairs, but quickly grew to include nearly 150 young men surrounding an elder who guided talking points. George Edwardsen hosted the men’s talking circle to discuss violence against Native women. He is an elder, and the president of the Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope, the region’s tribal government. […]

Remembering a Dear Friend

A picture of Father Armand wearing a colorful stola.

Father Armand M. Nigro, SJ, a former spiritual advisor to KNOM, passed away September 27, 2019. Business and Development Director, Lynette Schmidt, recalls: “Father Armand served as a priest for more than 75 years both in Alaska and later as a retreat leader in high demand all over the United States. Whenever we talked on […]