Remembering a Dear Friend

A picture of Father Armand wearing a colorful stola.

Father Armand M. Nigro, SJ, a former spiritual advisor to KNOM, passed away September 27, 2019.

Business and Development Director, Lynette Schmidt, recalls: “Father Armand served as a priest for more than 75 years both in Alaska and later as a retreat leader in high demand all over the United States. Whenever we talked on the phone, he’d always greet me, asking, “How is God’s beautiful daughter?” It didn’t matter what was happening at work or home, time on the phone with Father Armand was like a visit at the feet of Jesus.

Father Armand’s palpable connection to God never wavered. He lived his entire life walking in the footsteps of Jesus.”

Image: Father Armand. KNOM Archives.

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  1. Ann Johnson on December 6, 2019 at 4:30 pm

    Fr. Nigro used to call me “God’s beautiful daughter” too. He sometimes called me here in VA even when his memory was failing. I had a very sweet visit with him in CA over 2 years ago. He was very hospitable and loving, although he had a hard time remembering our time at Seattle U. When I was living in Warsaw and attending Mass in a very big Jesuit church, I heard a familiar voice begin to say Mass. I couldn’t see him well, but the voice was unmistakeable. He was en route to Israel, a rather circuitous route, but it gave us SU alums a chance to spend an evening with him. A saint for our times!