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Thanksgiving gratitude, messages from listeners

KNOM listeners and followers shared messages of what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving. “I’m thankful for family especially, friends here in there throughout the state and beyond. I’m happy for all health care professionals that work so hard to help us stay healthy. And again, I’m thankful for friends and family foremost.” Bernard from […]

The Time Traveling Adventures of Tommy and Tammy

KNOM volunteers: Cathy Rubano, Colin O'Connor, and Sophia DeSalvo in the radio station wearing Christmas hats and laughing.

KNOM’s volunteers: Cathy Rubano, Sophia DeSalvo, and Colin O’Connor, now present you with a KNOM Radio production of the 2020 Annual Christmas Play. Listen as Tommy and Tammy travel back in time to the period before their grandparents were married. Their adventures along the way remind us what Christmas is about, even in tough times.

Graduation 2020 Call-In Show

To honor all those graduating from high school in Western Alaska, people from around the region called in to congratulate seniors graduating in 2020.

A KNOM Radio Christmas Play: The Year of Fog

For over six months, young Henry’s world has been shrouded in dense fog. He tries to help out his neighbors and spend time outside, but with Christmas fast approaching, it’s looking like a lonely Noel in his small town. Little does Henry know, his year of fog has just begun. To join Henry on his […]

Elder Voices: Mary Jane Litchard

Mary Jane Litchard sitting in front of a microphone.

Recorded in the summer of 2019, hear stories from Mary Jane Litchard on growing up in the communities of Lost River, Teller, Anchorage, and Nome. Mary Jane tells of overcoming struggles, becoming an artist at a young age, and the elders in her life who have inspired her own positive attitude.

Join KNOM’s ‘Kids Show’ for the ‘Molly of Denali’ Finale

On Wednesday, August 21, Katie and JoJo will have an on-air celebration to mark the finale of the new podcast “Molly of Denali.” Listeners will hear the final episode and the voice of Molly herself, Sovereign Bill, who will call in to join the fun! And listeners will be able to participate, too.

Programming for Holy Triduum 2019

Silhouette of three crosses on a hillside set against a setting sun.

Join KNOM on 780 AM / 96.1 FM for Easter Triduum programming on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Click through for more details.