KNOM Christmas play: The Queen of Christmas


“My mother’s away again. She’s been away working all night every night for a month and I never get to see her. She isn’t home now and it’s Christmas! She won’t be home all day either. On Christmas Day! Why can’t she just stay home with me for Christmas? There’s no presents either. No presents for Christmas, no mum, just….nothing!”

8 year old Florence Brown is home alone on Christmas Eve and she is miserable: Her mother’s too busy at work to celebrate Christmas at home with her. But just when she’s curled up for a good cry, her favorite toy, a stuffed raven, comes alive! He brings with him a very special invitation: to be crowned the Queen of Father Christmas’ Opening Ceremonies at the North Pole itself!

When Florence and the Raven set out for the North Pole everyone they meet is celebrating Christmas: The North Wind, Caribou, Mermaids, Whales, the Northern Lights. The Arctic is alive with merrymakers celebrating the Holy Night.

But, when Father Christmas asks Florence what she truly wants for Christmas, she’s suddenly conflicted. What does Florence really want for Christmas?

Image at top: Raven on White background. Photo by malcojojo licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0