Embracing Culture

Radio deejay smiles inside studio, standing behind sound board, microphone, and computer screens.

Dear Friend of KNOM,

  • Encountering Christ
  • Embracing Culture
  • Empowering Growth
  • Engaging the Listener

KNOM embraces culture by offering programming that highlights the strength, depth, beauty, and history of Western Alaska.

Programs like “Elder Voices,” special features, Native music, and Native language and tradition spots are an integral part of the broadcast day — a reflection of community.

Programming is imbued with the mission’s ideals of being a friend and companion, providing respectful service based on Catholic ideals.

Thus, KNOM becomes a beacon of hope in Christ. Thank you!

Community deejay Stephanie Bowen, the newest volunteer to join KNOM’s on-air family. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus, KNOM.