After Vandalism, Blessings

Two men with shovels stand aside a mound of dirt behind KNOM's garage

In early January, the 300 gallon tank of heating fuel used to power KNOM’s Nome studio backup generator was emptied onto the ground, seeping into the snow and underlying dirt — an act of vandalism. Removing the contaminated snow and soil was expensive, and only $25,000 of the nearly $76,000 cleanup cost was covered by insurance.

The generous contractor who worked on the cleanup, however, agreed to accept the insurance coverage amount and donated the remaining $51,000 balance. What a relief!

A smiling group of people lined up on KNOM Studios’ front entrance steps.

The FOCUS crew, gathered with some of KNOM’s staff on the Nome studios’ front steps.

Then, earlier this summer, nine Catholic FOCUS Mission volunteers visited Nome to lend a hand at Nome’s St. Joseph Catholic Church and KNOM. One of their tasks was to finish the remediation at KNOM’s oil spill site. They shoveled a large pile of gravel underneath the garage: backbreaking, dusty work they completed with joy.

Truly, Divine Providence provides — in more ways than one. In concert with your support and prayers, the KNOM mission remains continually blessed, many times over.

Image at top: FOCUS missionaries Adam Sanchez and Buck Teeter help clean up KNOM’s oil spill site. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus, KNOM.