Fee to Surrender Pets in Nome Could Be Reduced; City Council to Deliberate

City of Nome Council Chambers. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus; KNOM

Public inebriation will be the sole focus of a Nome City Council work session tonight. The seven-member council will discuss ways to combat public intoxication with staff from the Nome Police Department and Norton Sound Health Corporation beginning at 5:30pm Monday.

Once the regular meeting begins, the Council has two new ordinances on the agenda. One is regarding lowering the cost for animal surrender in Nome; the price could be reduced to forty dollars if the surrendered animal meets certain criteria.

The second is about a property sale between the City and Arctic Gold Mining. For ten thousand dollars, Arctic Gold Mining’s property on Lot 2 of the Tundra Lakes Subdivision could be purchased by the City.

Before adjourning tonight’s regular meeting, Mayor Richard Beneville is expected to fill a vacant seat on the Museum and Library Commission.

The regular meeting begins at 7pm in Council Chambers immediately following the 5:30pm work session.