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Story49: A New Season in Shishmaref

Boats are just visible on the ocean beyond golden grass and a couple structures in Shishmaref.

Two stories of young people in Shishmaref who are eager to learn how climate change is affecting their island — and eager to do something about it.

Preparing for winter

We broadcast 24 hours a day, and into our late summer weeks, it is still light well into the evening. There are many community activities to keep everyone busy, and away from the cities and villages, KNOM helps to create a positive way to make great family memories. These families are working together at fish […]

Signs of summer, and letters of appreciation

The temperatures are hovering in the mid-50s, and our region’s families are fishing, hunting, and preparing to gather greens and berries. They are also listening to KNOM. The radio is a constant companion for thousands of Alaskans, and if they could, they would thank all who make this radio ministry possible! Signs of appreciation – […]