Preparing for winter

We broadcast 24 hours a day, and into our late summer weeks, it is still light well into the evening. There are many community activities to keep everyone busy, and away from the cities and villages, KNOM helps to create a positive way to make great family memories.

These families are working together at fish camps and at home to prepare for the cold months to come. Right now, the temperature is nearly 60 degrees, and many are scrambling to gather berries and tundra greens and hunt or catch fish and meat in advance of the long winter ahead. There is also a lot of sharing, too. Extra supplies and food will find a place in a needy home – or in the hands of those who work tirelessly to help others.

Thanks to the KNOM family, our radio station is a daily companion for countless families during this special time; it’s our goal that our broadcasts make their quality of life better – especially in the most remote stretches of Alaska.