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Dear Friend… (June 2021)

Radio is a powerful spiritual tool. The work of the Holy Spirit in the world is often invisible: slowly moving people’s hearts toward Christ. Listening to the Spirit creates a patient endeavor for justice, compassion, and peace. In a similar way, it is impossible to see the radio waves that transmit across Western Alaska. When […]

Brevig Mission Student Wins First Inupiaq Spelling Bee

After ten years of Yup’ik spelling bee competitions, the Inupiaq language was included for the first time this year. The organizers say that’s largely thanks to efforts in Brevig Mission, a 350-person community northwest of Nome. Announcer: Kopeck, it’s your turn to give it a try, the word is ‘tiŋŋun’ – ‘tiŋŋun’.Kopeck: Tiŋŋun. T-I-Ŋ-Ŋ-U-N.Announcer: I […]

Running Water and Sewer Funded for Stebbins Families

Roads in village Stebbins in the winter.

The community of Stebbins recently received long-awaited good news: a $7.5 million grant for running water and sewer for households. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Stebbins’ high case numbers highlighted the need for access to running water and sewer. Stebbins and other ‘unserviced’ communities underwent several strict lockdowns and mass testing events to curb the virus. […]

Radio Giveaway, Underway!

As regular readers of this newsletter may know, KNOM is celebrating its 50th anniversary by giving away radios to listeners across Western Alaska. Boxes of radios have now arrived to the office, ready for shipping. The radio giveaway will happen in conjunction with a mailed survey, addressed to every household KNOM’s signal reaches. In exchange […]

“Green Slime” Is Sure Sign of Spring in Nome

A photo of a snow bank with green liquid on it seeping into the street below in Nome, Alaska.

In many places, budding green leaves are a sure sign of spring. In Nome, locals have for decades looked for a bubbling, slimy, green liquid seeping down Front Street. During World War 2, airplanes would be loaded with canisters of green marker dye. In case a plane crashed, the fluorescent green dye would assist in […]