Radio Giveaway, Underway!

As regular readers of this newsletter may know, KNOM is celebrating its 50th anniversary by giving away radios to listeners across Western Alaska. Boxes of radios have now arrived to the office, ready for shipping.

The radio and antenna booster combination selected for the giveaway.

The radio giveaway will happen in conjunction with a mailed survey, addressed to every household KNOM’s signal reaches. In exchange for answering the survey, detailing their thoughts about KNOM’s programming and what they would like to hear more or less of, listeners can win a free radio and antenna booster.

It has been many years since the last thorough survey of village listeners was conducted, and KNOM is hopeful the responses will help guide the station’s future programming and strategic planning efforts.

Image at top: Boxes of radios and antenna boosters sitting at the KNOM office, ready for shipment.