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UAF Northwest supports rural Alaska with specialized skill courses

UAF campus

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Northwest, located in Nome, teaches specialized skills such as snow machine repair and indoor plumbing. With maintenance services on multiple-month-long wait lists, if available at all, practical skills are in high demand in communities across Western Alaska.  Fun classes offered this semester include subarctic gardening, introduction to Iñupiaq, and ceramics. […]

Arctic advocate visits Nome

two men in a studio

“I see that a lot of our role is to make the DC policies actually apply and work in Alaska, because the worlds are so different,” Arctic Energy Office Advisor Givey Kochanowski said.  Western Alaska is a long way from Washington D.C., and residents are easily forgotten in federal decisions that impact them. Kochanowski said […]

Partnership radiates health

4 women in a studio

A group of energetic Kawerak and NSHC staff members joined forces to bring fitness to the airwaves. Suwat host Danielle Slingsby and her guests, Tracy Gregg, Nicole Mertz and Reba Lean, shared their love for ‘80s music and high-intensity workouts. The CAMP department fitness schedule has something for everyone.  In addition to fitness classes, CAMP […]

Dear Friend… (March 2023)

In the small communities of Western Alaska, individual effort means a great deal. For example, one person can make the difference between someone learning a new skill or participating in a sport and not having that opportunity.

In Koyuk, kindness is king

self portraits

“It only takes one person to change a life. And you may not know you’ve made that difference,” Koyuk Malimiut School Principal Jim Thomas said.