Partnership radiates health

4 women in a studio

A group of energetic Kawerak and NSHC staff members joined forces to bring fitness to the airwaves. Suwat host Danielle Slingsby and her guests, Tracy Gregg, Nicole Mertz and Reba Lean, shared their love for ‘80s music and high-intensity workouts. The CAMP department fitness schedule has something for everyone. 

In addition to fitness classes, CAMP offers tobacco prevention, injury prevention, lactation support and much more.

“The mission really is to meet people where they’re at, including cultural access to things that are going to improve the lives of people. So whether that’s through food, activities or different programs that we offer,” Gregg said.

It seems the effort helped: the CAMP department’s class later that evening was full of beginners who, sure enough, heard about it on the radio.

Image at top: It’s a full house in Studio A on Wednesday mornings. Danielle Slingsby hosts guests from Norton Sound Health Corporation on the show Suwat. Left to right are Reba Lean, Nicole Mertz and Tracy Gregg. Photo by KJ McElwee, KNOM (2023).