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Showcase highlights healthy workplaces

Man in studio with mic

After two and a half decades of faithfully sharing jobs in the region during KNOM’s weekly Job Files show, Vickie Erickson retired last year. Dan Fishel, who took over the regular Job Files hour, is trying something new in addition to the usual show: an employer showcase.

Tribal-led study tests for toxins

An aerial view of a large island on a cloudy day

“Help is not coming fast enough for our generation. So at the direction of our leadership, we will make sure measures are in place to protect our most vulnerable; our children and future generations,” Savoonga citizen Vi Waghiyi with Alaska Community Action on Toxics recently told morning show listeners.

Dear Friend… (April 2023)

In rural Alaska, sled dog mushing remains an active, recreational sport for many. Sled dog teams were once a work tool, critical to the life of families who live off the beaten bath — the horse of the Arctic.