Dear Friend… (April 2023)

In rural Alaska, sled dog mushing remains an active, recreational sport for many. Sled dog teams were once a work tool, critical to the life of families who live off the beaten bath — the horse of the Arctic.

Today, they are a source of fascination and fun, and for some, a livelihood. In the later winter months between January and April, Alaska’s race season brings life and energy (and tourists) to Western Alaska. 

In Nome, the week of the Iditarod finishers’ arrival is often described as a ‘Mardi Gras of the North’: an extravaganza of energy and community events — like basketball games — that take over the town. As the number of professional dog mushers has shrunk in recent years, excitement is only growing for other parts of the regional race season. That energy and attention puts the spotlight on Western Alaska and the remarkable stories that are told here every day of the year. Thank you for making it possible!