Dear Friend… (May 2022)

KNOM needs your prayers. In recent months, the radio mission has been hit hard by staffing shortages. As you may know, workplaces around the country are seeing employees move, resign, or find different careers altogether. In rural Alaska, where finding specialized staff comes with extra challenges, the trend puts a great deal of pressure on…

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After Hours-Effort Saves Christmas Day Play

This year, KNOM will ring in Christmas Day with the old and the new! Due to staff shortages, the traditional volunteer-led project of writing an original Christmas play was canceled. However, in a moment of clarity, KNOM volunteers knew that they had to step in and save the play. Les Brown dreamed up KNOM’s first…

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The Time Traveling Adventures of Tommy and Tammy

KNOM volunteers: Cathy Rubano, Colin O'Connor, and Sophia DeSalvo in the radio station wearing Christmas hats and laughing.

KNOM’s volunteers: Cathy Rubano, Sophia DeSalvo, and Colin O’Connor, now present you with a KNOM Radio production of the 2020 Annual Christmas Play. Listen as Tommy and Tammy travel back in time to the period before their grandparents were married. Their adventures along the way remind us what Christmas is about, even in tough times.

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