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City signs agreement with USACE to advance port project

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District and the City of Nome signed an agreement yesterday (Jan. 25) that will advance the construction of the first deep-water port in the Arctic, which has a price tag of over $600 million.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers held a signing ceremony in the city for […]

Federal funding awarded to Stebbins for new healthcare facility

Snow-covered, rural Alaska street on a partly cloudy winter day.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services granted $55 million to 15 Tribes and Tribal organizations last week (Jan. 18). The funding is part of the Small Ambulatory Program, which is designed to support small ambulatory health care facilities. Stebbins, a village in the Norton Sound, was one of two in the state that […]

Diomede school reopens after months of remote learning

The school in Little Diomede reopened this morning after months of remote classes. The school building closed in November after it was struck by the partially collapsed city building.  The reopening was announced on the school’s Facebook page Saturday afternoon. Before classes began, students gathered for breakfast at the school. The school joined a state […]

Little Diomede school aiming to reopen by end of week

Diomede, Alaska

The school in Little Diomede is expected to reopen this week after months of remote classes. The school building closed in November, but staff are gearing up for an in-person semester. Teachers are scheduled to arrive in Diomede on Tuesday (Jan 16.). That’s according to an email from the Bering Strait School District’s superintendent, Tammy […]

Second storm expected to bring high winds and waters

A storm from the Bering Sea, which slapped the Seward Peninsula the past week, has canceled school and flights in some western Alaskan communities, including Nome. Another storm in the western Bering Sea is expected to move into the Chukchi Sea this [Monday] afternoon, and could cause minor flooding tonight (Jan. 15). The second storm […]

Winter storm warning extended through Saturday

Heavy blowing snow and freezing rain have made traveling to and from some western Alaskan communities difficult since Wednesday night. All flights to and from Nome were canceled on Thursday (1/11) because of low visibility. Joe Kryston is a lead meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Fairbanks. He said this is a harsh storm, […]

Nome swimmers left high and dry amidst pool renovation delays

The Nome Northstar Swim Team made waves at regional meets last year. But this year those swimmers have been left out to dry because the pool has been closed since June. Nome’s only swimming pool was closed to switch from a saltwater system to chlorine. It was supposed to reopen in September, but manufacturing delays […]

Moose hunt closed in 22B

Photo credit: Douglas Brown via Flickr Creative Commons.

The Federal moose season in Unit 22B west of the Darby Mountains closed on Monday (Jan. 8) at 11:59 p.m. according to a press release from the Bureau of Land Management. The closure follows the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, which closed the hunt on state lands last week (Jan 5). The winter season […]

Potential survey could fill gaps in Fish and Games’s datasets

Fall tundra in Nome. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus, KNOM.

Governor Mike Dunleavy’s $10.5 billion budget announced in December includes a request for the Department of Fish and Game to perform a comprehensive subsistence survey in Nome.  The one-time project requesting $350,000, would fill a data gap in Fish and Game’s statewide subsistence dataset, called the “Subsistence Section”. The data provides information on the use […]