Official election results for the 2022 Nome Municipal Election

Photo: David Dodman, KNOM.

UPDATE: 423 ballots were submitted by Nome voters in today’s election. They cast their votes for six seats, two on the Common Council, Utility Board, and School Board respectively. The official results are below.

Common Council Seat “E” – Cameron Piscoya with 288 votes, Derek McLarty with 115 votes and then seven write-ins.

Common Council Seat “F” – Mark Johnson with 372 votes, and 21 write-ins.

Utility Board Seat “B” – Derek McLarty with 297 votes. There were 57 write-ins.

Utility Board Seat “D” – Larry Pederson with 373 votes. There were 13 write-ins.

School Board Seat “A” – Darlene Trigg with 338 votes and 29 write-ins.

School Board Seat “E” – Marjorie Kunaq Tahbone with 363 votes and 19 write-ins.

Nome’s representative on the NSEDC Board – J.T. Sherman with 311 votes, Derek McLarty with 80 votes, and eight write-ins.

Voters also weighed in on Ballot Proposition One, which repealed the summer seasonal sales tax by a margin of 241 votes in favor compared to 162 votes against.

These results were officially certified by the Nome Common Council during a special meeting on Thursday at noon, October 6th.

This story was updated to reflect the changes from unofficial results to the certified official results after October 6th.

Image at top: Voting booths set up at Old St. Joe’s, Nome’s polling place for the Municipal Election. Photo: David Dodman, KNOM.