“Triple-Crown” of regional snowmachine races for Mike Morgan of Nome

The winter racing season came to an end in Nome at the Nome Cannonball Race on April 17th beneath sunny blue skies and temperatures above freezing. The race signified the end of a series of local snow machine and dog-sledding races that helped see locals through a particularly stormy winter– and for Mike Morgan, a win in the Cannonball made a “triple crown” of sorts in regional short distance snowmachine races.

“I mean it’s all about just working hard and and I think you get good results when you work hard and that’s what it’s been.”

– Mike Morgan, Nome

Morgan won the open class and was joined in victory by Jarvis Miller, who won the 600 class. Bubba McDaniel and Casey Sherman took second and third respectively in the open class while Nicholas Reader and Cody Moen won second and third in the 600 class.

KNOM caught up with Mike Morgan about the 2020-2021 season and what he has in store ahead. Take a listen!

KNOM’s Emily Hofstaedter, Colin O’Connor, and Sophia DeSalvo all contributed to this report.

Image at top: Mike Morgan takes some air after winning the 2021 Nome-Golovin Snowmachine Race. Sophia De Salvo, KNOM.