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“Triple-Crown” of regional snowmachine races for Mike Morgan of Nome

The winter racing season came to an end in Nome at the Nome Cannonball Race on April 17th beneath sunny blue skies and temperatures above freezing. The race signified the end of a series of local snow machine and dog-sledding races that helped see locals through a particularly stormy winter– and for Mike Morgan, a […]

Breaking the Ice in the Arctic

Two different US Coast Guard ice breakers will venture past Western Alaska this year, in what locals and researchers are calling a strategic message to assert American sovereignty to the nation’s adversaries. First, the vessel Polar Star spent 12 weeks above the Arctic Circle, breaking a 40-year wintertime absence. Then, the Coast Guard announced the […]

Man Forcibly Arrested Outside Hansons, No Body Camera Footage Exists Say Police

Close-up of a white Nome Police Department vehicle.

Police arrested twenty-year old Javen Slwooko of Gambell in the Hansons grocery store on an active arrest warrant. He was mandated to return to the Seaside Center after completing his shift at Hanson’s on Friday, April 23rd but did not– prompting authorities at Seaside to notify the Nome Police for Slwooko’s arrest.