Two More Nome Residents Contract Coronavirus, COVID-19 Vaccines Opened to Almost Everyone Locally

The Nome hospital at dusk, viewed from the front, with light streaming through its windows.

Another Nome resident and a healthcare employee have tested positive for COVID-19. Norton Sound Health Corporation announced the newest case earlier today and the other was identified on Tuesday.

According to NSHC, the latest individual to contract the virus is one of their employees in Nome. The resident tested positive through routine COVID-19 testing and apparently had minimal exposure to other patients. Norton Sound Health Corporation says the employee’s close contacts have been notified.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s case involving a separate resident appears to be travel-related. NSHC says the State Section of Epidemiology and Public Health Nursing have begun contact tracing for these newest cases.

According to a spokesperson for NSHC, as of this morning, there are seven active cases of COVID-19 in Nome and two in regional villages. That number is down from Monday, when there were 11 active cases out of a total of 309. At the time, 298 were considered recovered.

NSHC also announced this week that everyone 16 years and older can now get vaccinated in Nome. This allows almost the entire population of 3,800 residents to receive the vaccine if they choose. The regional health corporation says children under 16 years of age cannot be vaccinated at this time.

If you live in Nome and would like to schedule a vaccination appointment, go online to

If you live in a regional village and wish to receive a vaccine please contact your local village clinic.

Image at top: Nome’s Norton Sound Regional Hospital. Photo: Laura Kraegel, KNOM file.