Regional Cases Climb as State Faces New Daily Record Highs of COVID-19

Image of coronavirus particles

Since the pandemic began, more than 140 individuals in the Norton Sound region have tested positive for the disease caused by the coronavirus. The latest cases of COVID-19 were announced in St. Michael and Stebbins over the weekend.

According to Norton Sound Health Corporation, the patient who tested positive in St. Michael on Friday is a non-resident of the region but was traveling in the region at the time. NSHC says this case is travel-related and the individual is currently safely isolating.

Contact tracing is currently underway and anyone who is identified as a close contact of a previously confirmed case of COVID-19 will need to quarantine for 14 days.

Separately, NSHC announced another individual in Stebbins tested positive for the virus on Saturday. This case is connected to the local outbreak of COVID-19 in that community, which has now reached a total of 37 cases.

The State Section of Epidemiology and Public Health Nursing Department have been notified of the latest cases.

Norton Sound has a total of 141 confirmed COVID-19 cases, however it is unclear how many are currently active due to a statewide delay in reporting the data.

Image at top: Particles from the coronavirus. Photo in the public domain via Creative Commons.