Fall Fix-Ups and Fun

Engineers Van Craft and Les Brown returned to Nome in the late summer to check off a number of technical fixes around the station.

The fuel tank for the diesel generator, located at the radio station building, is being updated. The new 500-gallon tank is less susceptible to erosion or outside damage. Also, a fence line is being installed around the property for security.

Further, all seven digital studios were updated. This allows a growing staff of volunteers, staff, and community announcers to work on for interviews or recorded content simultaneously.

Former General Manager Ric Schmidt is back on KNOM’s airwaves! Schmidt was ‘GM’ from 2005-2017. He is currently serving a seven-week stint as interim general manager while KNOM’s new general manager makes his way to Western Alaska. Stay tuned to the ‘Static’ for more information in the coming months!
Longtime engineer Les Brown stands in front of the volunteer house chapel. On a recent trip to Nome, he was surprised to see it dedicated to his favorite saint – St. Luke.

Image at top: Off to the Races – Nome’s annual Great Bathtub Race held each Labor Day is a rite of passage for KNOM volunteers. This year, the radio station took first place in the race. (It didn’t hurt the odds to have two former All-American runners on the team.)

Due to quarantine restrictions, Sophia DeSalvo was the only volunteer able to participate. Here she holds the award with teammates and community members Danielle Slingsby, Rosa Wright and T.J. Wright. Zach Slingsby is in the tub. (As they are all close family contacts, no masks were needed.)