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Debris from Asia, Russia Floating Across the Bering Strait

An influx of empty containers and hazardous marine waste has washed up in beach communities across Western Alaska this year. Those involved in the cleanup say it’s most likely coming from the other side of the Bering Strait. “There are lot of water bottles, but some of it is butane, some of it penetrating oil […]

Surprise: Fuel Prices Drop in Nome!

Fuel prices in Nome dropped by more than a dollar in August. At one location, they were as low as $3.69. With prices often more than $6 per gallon, the drop was a rare and welcome start to the hunting season. Elsewhere, the drop in crude oil prices globally impacted gas prices at the start […]

Fall Fix-Ups and Fun

Engineers Van Craft and Les Brown returned to Nome in the late summer to check off a number of technical fixes around the station. The fuel tank for the diesel generator, located at the radio station building, is being updated. The new 500-gallon tank is less susceptible to erosion or outside damage. Also, a fence […]

Vatican & World News

Listeners can now tune in to Vatican & World News every day at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., immediately following National Native News. The daily fifteen-minute newscast is produced by the Vatican and features international and ecclesiastical news.