Resident of Un-Named Norton Sound Community Contracts Coronavirus

Sunset after a day of crabbing in Norton Sound. July 2014.

Late last night, Norton Sound Health Corporation announced a separate patient from an un-named regional community tested positive for the virus. The latest individual confirmed to have COVID-19 is reportedly asymptomatic.

The state Section of Epidemiology and Public Health Nursing will investigate the method of transmission and do contact tracing in this case.

NSHC says local leaders in the corresponding community have been notified and are planning to have COVID testing available for their residents in the coming days. They also encourage the community to show compassion towards patients who have tested positive and their close contacts.

There is now a total of 54 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Norton Sound Region. Nine are currently active and 45 are considered recovered.

Image at top: Sunset after a day of crabbing in Norton Sound. Photo from KNOM file (July, 2015).