One Resident and One Non-Resident of Norton Sound Test Positive for COVID-19

Image of coronavirus particles

Two patients from the Norton Sound Region have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Norton Sound Health Corporation says the pair of cases are unrelated.

Yesterday, NSHC announced a regional resident tested positive for the virus while they were outside of the region. The resident continues to isolate outside of the Norton Sound region, although NSHC did not say in which community the patient is currently located.

The second new case of COVID-19 was found Sunday in an individual staying in a village within the Norton Sound. NSHC again did not disclose which community the patient is located in, only that they are a non-resident who is currently self-isolating.

The regional health corporation believes this case is travel-related. NSHC plans to test close contacts of the non-resident and has notified the community’s local leadership.

Norton Sound Health Corporation is encouraging regional communities to keep their travel quarantine requirements in place to help identify cases of COVID-19 and limit their spread.

Image at top: Particles from the coronavirus. Photo in the public domain via Creative Commons