Bering Strait Region Once Again COVID Free With No Confirmed Cases Currently

Nome's Norton Sound Regional Hospital. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus/KNOM (2016)

Norton Sound Health Corporation announced today that there are now no active cases of COVID-19 in the Bering Strait region. The latest two confirmed cases, who were both NSHC employees in Nome, have been deemed recovered.

In NSHC’s daily situation report released this morning, the health corporation said it has conducted more than 5,200 COVID-19 tests, about 4,000 of which returned negative, and 1,200 are still pending. Thus far only three positive cases have been confirmed in the Bering Strait region, with the most recent being discovered on May 21st and May 22nd through routine employee testing at NSHC. Today’s report listed all three as recovered with no active COVID-19 cases.

The health corporation’s CEO Angie Gorn has said NSHC plans to continue testing all of its employees every 14 days as the regional hospital in Nome remains open to the public.

Despite health experts suggesting that community spread was the cause for all three COVID-19 cases in the region, there are currently no new or active cases at this time.

Image at top: Nome’s Norton Sound Regional Hospital. Photo from Margaret DeMaioribus, KNOM (2016).