Sitnasuak CEO Resigned on July 2, Board Announces

Polar bear in front of Sitnasuak Native Corporation building in Nome.

Sitnasuak Native Corporation’s President and CEO gave her resignation at the beginning of this month, but SNC’s announcement, just released on Friday, didn’t give a reason why.

Bobbi Quintavell took over for former CEO Richard Strutz in May of 2017. Over two years later, Quintavell is leaving Sitnasuak without much public explanation. Quintavell could not be reached for comment before the airing of this story, but in a written statement, she said of the decision,

“I have truly enjoyed working with Sitnasuak… I am proud of my contributions that expanded the Corporation’s sustainability, profitability, and growth.”

The brief announcement from SNC did not mention Quintavell’s future plans or explain why she is resigning as CEO at this time. Her last day with SNC has not been determined yet, and Ukallaysaq Okleasik confirms the former CEO is still employed by the Corporation for this transitionary period. Okleasik could not provide further details, citing it as a confidential personnel matter.

According to the Board of Directors, Sitnasuak will start recruiting for Quintavell’s replacement soon.

KNOM will share more details about Quintavell’s resignation and information for this story as they become available.

Image at top: Detail of the Sitnasuak Native Corporation building on Front Street in Nome. Photo: David Dodman, KNOM file.