Port Repairs Will Cost City of Nome More Than a Million

Nome port

The Nome City Council passed one resolution on Monday night from an already minimal agenda. Emergency repairs will be made to the Port’s Westgold Dock at almost double the originally estimated cost.

During their regular meeting, the Council briefly discussed a resolution to award the dock repairs to STG Inc. at a price of $969,590 for the site work.

The Interim City Manager, John Handeland, had originally authorized $504,287 in emergency funds from the City to be used for procuring materials and doing temporary repairs on Westgold Dock. 

But according to the resolution, out of three companies the City solicited for the project, only STG was available to meet an accelerated deadline for the repairs, which came with a higher price tag. So far, the total cost of repairs is over $1.4 million.

The company’s proposal estimates the sheet pile repairs at the dock will be done by mid-August. All four present council-members — Doug Johnson, Mark Johnson, Adam Martinson, and Jennifer Reader — approved the resolution.

In other business, the Council postponed its decision to allow the Nome Chamber of Commerce to continue operating the local visitor’s center. The resolution will be approved or rejected at the next regular meeting, along with Russell Rowe’s seat on the Port Commission. Rowe’s three-year term ended on June 1, and he would need to be reappointed by the Mayor to keep his position.

The Nome City Council will convene again on July 22 at City Hall.

Image at top: the Port of Nome. Photo: Joy Baker, Port Director.