Unofficial Results Say Alcohol Will Stay in Emmonak

Flood waters recede in Emmonak in July 2013. Photo: Adam DuBrowa, FEMA.

A slim majority of Emmonak’s voters decided the community would keep its status as a “damp” village following Emmonak’s local option special election yesterday.

According to staff with the City of Emmonak, 231 total votes were counted. 96 people, or about 40% of voters, elected to ban the sale of alcohol within the community; 120 votes (52%) were in favor of not changing the current alcohol law in Emmonak. The rest were absentee or questioned votes.

Emmonak narrowly made the decision to allow alcohol in the community back in 2016, but for 15 years prior to that, it was a completely “dry” place.

The unofficial election results will be certified by the Emmonak City Council on Monday (April 29).

Image at top: Emmonak in July 2013. Photo: Adam DuBrowa, FEMA.

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  1. Charlene Redfox on April 26, 2019 at 12:08 pm

    God, this is pretty sad. Parents should really think about their children. Most parents only think of themselves and their alcohol addiction. It pisses me off and annoys me how I’m always seeing some people out on the road drunk and not worrying about their liver health, and if they have children, they don’t worry about them at all. It’s pretty sad for me to see that my hometown is going to be damp.