From the GM’s Desk (January 2019)

“We continue to grieve for each person and community affected by the tragedies inflicted by Father Poole and other priests in Western Alaska. As we begin this new year, let us pray for hope and healing for these wounds. KNOM continues to live our mission daily with integrity, transparency, and humility as we enter a new season of grieving for our brothers and sisters in the region and around the country. Thank you for keeping the star of hope lit not just during the Advent and Christmas seasons, but into a new year as the light returns to the skies, casting out physical and spiritual darkness. We remain Yours for Western Alaska.”

— Margaret A. DeMaioribus, General Manager

Resources for Healing

If you or someone you know is seeking support or needs to report abuse, especially from Catholic clergy in Alaska, please contact the Diocese of Fairbanks Victim Assistance Coordinator (907-374-9500), the Jesuit West Province Advocacy Coordinator (408-893-8398), and local authorities or child advocacy agencies.